Safe & Patent deposit

Confidential and long term storage of your valuable microorganisms in freeze-dried vials, using liquid nitrogen or other techniques

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CABI Bioscience Safe & Patent deposit

CABI deposit services provide the safe, confidential and long term deposit of your valuable microorganisms. The CABI Safe and Patent Deposit services provide you with reassurance for the long term storage of valuable isolates such as production and research strains of yeast, fungi, bacteria or other organisms.

  • Freeze dried storage – Suitable for short- and long-term storage of your samples

  • Liquid Nitrogen Storage – Our recommended storage solution for your most valuable biological assets

  • Other Storage Solutions – We have extensive, world expert knowledge about preserving biological material

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Why come to us?

CABI Bioscience offers storage in a world-renowned public service culture collection (IMI) with over 100 years of experience and expertise. CABI is recognised as an International Depository Authority for patent cultures under the Budapest Treaty.

  • Specialised facilities  – State-of-the-art freeze-drying and cryopreservation suites and controlled-rate coolers enable us to design bespoke procedures to maximise viability of your important samples

  • Safety – Our storage facilities are access-controlled and monitored 24/7 through routine checks and automated systems

  • Research-led – We actively contribute to world research about preservation techniques through publications, scientific projects and PhD programmes

  • Training – We can also provide training about preservation, storage and maintenance of microorganisms. Sign up to an upcoming course now

  • Disaster recovery – Peace of mind that your valuable microbial assets are recoverable in case the worst happens

Our approach

Safe Deposit Service

  • Reliable long term storage of valuable live cultures

  • Preservation by at least two methods

  • Off-site back-up storage and/or preservation of your bacterial and fungal master culture lines or process cultures

  • Confidentiality: all information concerning the depositor and the nature of the organism treated in strict confidence

  • Access to your cultures by request only to those people and companies you specify

  • Termination of the deposit at any time by written consent

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Patent Deposit Service

  • Long term storage of valuable live cultures in line with legislative requirements

  • Preservation by at least two methods

  • Access to your cultures available direct to the depositor or to others through the Patent Office

  • Protection of your patent and/or related strains according to the Budapest Treaty for the life of your patent for a one-off fee

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Additional services available on request

  • Secure deposit service of cryo or FD samples provided by the customer
  • Viability assessments throughout storage

  • Molecular strain definition of stored strains including comparison against type strains and whole genome sequencing

  • Characterisation and stability studies

  • Supply of vials or ampoules from your deposited strains for research or use
  • Bespoke consultancy or training available
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