CABI-IMI Culture Collection

Over 30,000 living strains from 142 countries. > 90% of our strains are uniques to CABI

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Microorganism Supply Service

For nearly 90 years we have been collecting and maintaining naturally occurring microorganisms. We house and manage one of the world’s largest Genetic Resource Collections and since 1947 we have held the UK’s National Collection of Fungus Cultures including Fleming’s original penicillin producing isolate.

The unique properties and capabilities of microorganisms found in our Collection can be utilised for drug and active molecule discovery and as part of the research, testing and quality control programmes linked with production and manufacturing.

  • Organisms available – Filamentous fungi, yeasts and plant pathogenic bacteria

  • Production strains – Strains for production of enzymes, metabolites and active biomolecules

  • Reference strains – Authenticated type and test strains for businesses and research establishments

  • Testing standard strains – ISO846, BS2011 Part II j and Mil Std 810G test strains from the European, the UK and US testing standards and other test and challenge strains

  • Biocontrol agents –  Strains and expert advice available

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Format of supply

  • Active cultures – Actively growing samples supplied on agar plates or slopes

  • Freeze-dried – Provided in ampoules for easy storage and growing yourself when you need it

  • DNA or culture extracts – Let us take care of the production of the extracts you need

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Quality and Legal

The culture collection is a member of the United Kingdom Biological Resource Centre Network (UKBRCN), is a UNESCO Microbial Resource Centre (MIRCEN), and an International Depository Authority (IDA) within the Budapest Treaty (1977).

For your reassurance our fungal culture collection operates: 

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Contact us

To discuss your requirements or to get a quote, please contact us on:

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