Microbial testing

CABI is a leading provider of microbial services. We specialize in microbial identification and verification, and provide professional microbiology services in support of industry, academia and agriculture.

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Microbial storage and supply

Our living culture collection comprises 30,000 cultures of fungi and bacteria representing unique biodiversity from around world. Over half of our holdings are isolated from plant material and includes pathogens, endophytes and saprophytes.

  • Safe deposits Preserve your microbial assets with us

  • Patent deposits – Protection of your patent deposit according to the Budapest Treaty

  • Culture supply Collection of over 30,000 living strains including the UK National Collection of Fungus Cultures



Our team of scientists includes bacteriologists, mycologists, molecular biologists, ecologists, systematists and biochemists with many years of experience. We have also developed strong partnerships with organisations, such as Kew, CHAP, RHUL, ICL, JIC and Rothamsted Research to name a few. This allows us to offer bespoke consultancy services tailored to your needs.

  • Fungal expertise – Benefit from nearly 110 years of experience of working with fungi

  • Solutions Orientated – Not only we will get to the bottom of the problem, we can also advise you how to alleviate it

  • Value for money – Share your microbial challenge with us and we will propose the most informative course of action for your budget

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We are driven by our global mission-to improve people’s lives worldwide by providing and applying scientific expertise. Our world-class, expert scientists deliver a portfolio of regular and bespoke training courses in a range of biological subjects.

  • Identification – Molecular and morphological identification of microorganisms to genus and species level

  • Plant pathology – Plant health related courses

  • Preservation – Storage and maintenance of microorganisms and culture collection management

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Microbial Knowledge Resources

With over 100 years of scientific experience our publishing products help us on our mission to disseminate our knowledge to solve problems in agriculture, environment and industry. We publish books, e-books, compendia and online resources available on our award-winning database platform CAB Direct.

Find below a selection of our microbiology and bioscience related knowledge products:

  • Abstracts on Hygiene and Communicable Diseases An excellent gateway to all current research on public health and communicable disease

  • AgBiotech News and Information All the latest information on agricultural biotechnology, covering genetic engineering, molecular genetics and in vitro culture of plants and animals

  • Bibliography of Systematic Mycology A comprehensive resource on all aspects of the nomenclature and taxonomy of fungi and related organisms

  • Biofuels Abstracts The world’s foremost source of reference to internationally published biofuels and bioenergy research

  • CAB Abstracts Bibliographic information service providing access to the world’s applied life sciences literature

  • Dairy Science Abstracts An abstracts database of internationally published research on all aspects of dairy science and technology

  • Description Sheets – Diagnostic descriptions, illustrations and information on over 2,000 fungal and bacterial taxa

  • Distribution Maps of Plant Diseases A leading resource for accurate data on the worldwide distribution of plant diseases

  • Distribution Maps of Plant Pests A leading resource for accurate data on the worldwide distribution of plant diseases

  • Environmental Science Database Database of international scientific literature relating to all aspects of environmental quality, monitoring, resource management and conservation

  • Nutrition and Food Sciences The complete online Nutrition and Food Sciences information service that covers human nutrition, food science and food technology

  • Soil Science Database The most targeted and in-depth source available for information on soils, water, fertilizer and land management

Other Publishing Products
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Applied biology solutions

We are a multi-disciplinary laboratory committed to solving problems in agriculture, environment and industry

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